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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are Some Answers to Questions about Our Small Business Package

Below are many of the questions we are frequently asked about the Small Business Solution. If your question is not shown here, please contact us.

How much does the Small Business Website Solution cost?
For a Design & Launching fee of $500 and a monthly fee of $24.99, RisenAbove's Small Business Solution is a website solution unparalleled in value. It even includes hosting and unlimited customer support.

Can I automate my monthly payments with a credit card?
Yes, RisenAbove can automatically deduct your monthly payment from a debit or credit card. Also, ask about our price breaks when you pay yearly, instead of monthly!

How do I get started?
Click here to get started.

Does RisenAbove maintain my site for me, or do I maintain it?
RisenAbove provides you with an Administrative Panel that makes updating your site a breeze. If you can send an email, you can update your site. Add pages, sell products, upload photos, change colors, and much more. However, if you’d rather we take care of the maintenance for you, we’d be glad to come to your service. A small fee will apply to each update.

Do I need to know any HTML to update my site?
No, absolutely no HTML coding experience is necessary to update pages on your site. If you can send a simple email, you can update your site. It’s that easy. You can, however, use HTML to extend your control over the look and feel of your site's content.

How long does it take for my site to be designed?
We streamline the development process, splitting it into 3 phases: Design, Development, and Launch. During the Design phase, we work with you to get the look of your site just right. The Development phase is your chance to give us every bit of information you want on your site, and we'll program the interface. Finally, the Launch phase is when your site is made public. From start to finish, it usually takes 1-3 weeks.

Does RisenAbove host AND design my site?
Yes, a Small Business Solution website is both designed and hosted by RisenAbove. However, if at any time your hosting contract is terminated for whatever reason, your site will be taken offline; it cannot be hosted with a third-party company. This is because the technology that supports your site is the property of RisenAbove, and is only licensed to you for the extent of your hosting contract.

I already have a webhost. Can RisenAbove design the site, and have it hosted with my current webhost?
Sorry, no. All Small Business Solution websites must be hosted by RisenAbove. This is because the technology powering each site belongs to RisenAbove, and is licensed to you for the duration of your hosting contract. If the hosting contract is ever terminated for whatever reason, your site will unfortunately be taken offline.

Can I put my own photos on my site?
Yes! When you login to your administrative panel, you can upload your photos to your site. They are made available in your image galleries automatically.

Can RisenAbove register a domain name for me? Does this cost extra?
Yes, RisenAbove can quickly and easily register a domain name for you, at no extra cost besides the activation fee of your site. The domain name will be registered in your name, not ours.

If I already have a domain name, can RisenAbove make it the domain name of my new site (i.e., “mydomain.com”)? Does this cost extra?
Yes, if you already have a domain name, RisenAbove can most likely use it for your new site. You will simply need to have access to the email account that you used when registering the domain name. Also, these kinds of transfers can cause the activation of your new site to take longer than 48 hours.

Can my site use Flash?
Yes, your site can feature Flash elements, for an additional fee, which is determined based on the dimensions, duration, and complexity of the Flash programming.

Can I find out how many people are coming to my site?
Yes! RisenAbove provides site statistics through Google Analytics. You'll be able to see how many people are visiting your site, when they're visiting, where they're located, and much, much more.

Can more than one person be set up to edit my site?
Yes. From your Administrative Panel, you can setup as many administrators as you need, and all of them will be able to make edits to your website.

Do I need a merchant account to have an online store?
Yes, a merchant account is required to process credit card transactions online. We can provide you with one, quickly and easily. Extra fees apply.

How do I receive the money for the items I sell on my site?
The money is deposited into your merchant account upon each purchase.

Can I add a new page to my site? Do I need to know any technical mumbo-jumbo like HTML?
Yes, you can easily add a new page to your site when you login to your site’s Administration Panel. This back-end interface will allow you to add pages using a quick-and-easy wizard, or to add custom pages using a template. There is no need for you to know anything about HTML or any other programming language. If you can send an email, you can add a professional-looking new page to your site.

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