Strickland Bros. can help you maintain your stone and tile floors so the investment youíve made in your floor will last.   Like carpet, stone and tile floors need professional  attention to insure they remain beautiful for the length of their life.  Professional cleaning  is the only way to get the ground in dirt and bacteria removed from the grout in your tile and stone floors.  Mopping canít remove the deep down dirt and bacteria.

Strickland Bros. uses a dry vapor steam cleaning system that uses low pressure and high temperatures.  We can deep clean almost any surface by instantly vaporizing mold, mildew, dirt, and grime.  Even the smallest dirt particles trapped in the deep cracks and crevices are not to hard for us to remove.

Our machine converts water into 96% superheated dry steam vapor.  This is applied to the cleaning surface using a variety of customized tools and attachments, no harsh scrubbing and no high pressure that can damage the grout. The dirt suspended by the vapor is removed with the vacuum from our carpet cleaning equipment.

Sealing the grout is essential for protecting the cleanliness  and integrity of the surface.  It helps prevent spills from penetrating and becoming stains, and it helps make your regular cleaning easier.  We offer two types of sealers to fit your specific floor situation.

Call today for an estimate.  First time tile and grout cleaning customers receive a 25% discount.

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